Are Tomatoes fruits or vegetables

Most people regard tomato as a vegetable. Because its most used is to make the vegetable juicy. At the same time it is eaten in a salad.

The beauty of the red-looking tomato is that it does not get destroyed by heating its vitamins. Tomato is useful in diseases such as berry-berry, arthritis and eczema. There is no other fruit better than tomato in removing weakness after fever. This is considered an essential thing for patients with diabetes.

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By now you have only been considered as a simple vegetable, actually it is a fruit. The fruit is not like that but the apple collision. Yes, if it is a scientific definition, then Tomato is a fruit. According to the Oxford Dictionary, tomato is definitely a fruit. Because fruits are considered to be the only in botany, which is produced from the flower ovary. Fruits contain seeds and tomato meets this definition. In the Cambridge dictionary, tomato has been written as red round fruit, which contains many seeds. It is cooked like a vegetable and cooked.

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First people used to think that tomatoes are toxic and acidic, but according to the latest studies, tomatoes are very good for health and it is of basic trend. Actually, it contains a chemical named lycopene which prevents cancer. Researchers from the US Department of Agriculture and Purdue University are producing tomato, which contains high levels of lycopene.

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According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, tomato is said to be in South America in Peru and Ecuador. Here it is named Tomato. In the 16th century, the inhabitants of Spain took it to Europe. There it is called Golden Apple or Love Apple.

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