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My Science Articles is a technological tool that helps you access the wealth of knowledge in the world of science and technology that is updated daily. The world of science and technology is a vast field that expands on a daily basis and our aim is to hone the imagination related to that subject. The focus is now on the more efficient and convenient means of communication, the electronic media. Our aim is to focus on the problems facing mankind today and the solutions to them. A publication dedicated to covering a wide range of topics, focusing on the study of knowledge ranging from micro-particles to the universe. Predicting beyond knowledge expression allows for innovative contributions, business opportunities and innovation exploration. Our publications are not merely a database or a collection of ideas, but the result of an exploratory mission by the world’s leading scientists, journalists, and experts in relevant fields. We are responsible for providing clear and quality publications to our users and look forward to your feedback and corrections. We hope to be friendly, polite and proprietary and invite users to review our Privacy policy

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sudesh ruwan
News Editor
Sudesh Ruwan
B.Sc(Hons) marine Science and Technology
University of Ruhuna